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Capri gold is a brand that produces handmade glasses.

The Capri gold luxury eyewear Collections celebrate the excellence of materials and Made in Italy, with a vintage character and a contemporary style.

One of the strengths of Capri gold is the Care and meticulousness in the details by hand combined with cutting-edge technologies give life to wonderful glasses, made of unique materials in their kind, with a whimsical design, refined and excellent quality.

The production cycle consists of 72 phases and approximately 50 days of processing. The cleaning work is done by tumbling for a total of 120 hours. The polishing, brushing and finishing are completely manual, according to the ancient traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

The management and development of a company like Capri gold would not have been possible without the application of a series of precise and rigorous principles.

Professionalism, quality and excellence, creativity, tradition, respect and audacity.

Capri Gold wants to express its creativity through the transformation and reinterpretation of the years of Italian dolce vita, a timeless proposal that dominates all trends.

The picturesque Capri with its architectural, natural corners

represents one of the Italian pearls, of the best known fashion at


The blue of the sea that is characterized as calm, trust and deep satisfaction,

 the yellow of gold that refers to the radiance that awakens and warms;

united together to represent Capri Gold.